Monday, January 25, 2010

Unleash The YouTube Producer Within You! (Part 2)

In part 1 of our YouTube marketing tutorial, we covered just a few of the best ways to create viral videos for YouTube. The three video creation and marketing tactics we covered in part 1 of our tutorial, you recall, were "The Insane", "The Unique", and "The Spin Off". Granted, these are three of the most successful  media models for viral video success on YouTube, but they aren't the only one's that can bring you success.

The Animals

Remember the viral video of the cat riding around on the motorized vacuum cleaner? There have been several spin-off videos of "Roomba Driver" but none have been able to duplicate it's success. Some of the spin-offs have been viral hits in their own right, but the original takes the cake most of the time on YouTube.

If you have a crazy dog who does something unique, get it on video, upload it to YouTube, title it descriptively, and add a detailed description to it. If it's funny and unique enough, you may just be on your way to viral success my friend.

The Meltdown

Many people take great humor in others getting angry over stupid things. I know I do sometimes. Did you ever see the movie "Christmas Vacation" with Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo? Who hasn't right? The scene of Clark punching and kicking the Santa Clause then punching and karate chopping the reindeer brought tears to my eyes! His extreme overreaction to the house lights going out was classic. Take a look at this classic scene from "Christmas Vacation".

If you decide to pursue this avenue to viral video riches, bear in mind that angry outbursts are usually only funny when they occur naturally. If you think that you can stage a fake outburst and make it go viral, I have some bad news for you. YouTube enthusiasts will see right through you as if you were a piece of white tissue paper.

If you want to video a hilarious angry outburst on the scale of Clark W. Griswold's classic meltdown, you will need to have a good bit of luck on your side first of all. In the real world, most people don't carry a video camera around with them at all times, making the likelihood of catching a temper tantrum on tape quite remote. So how do we catch an outrage on video, you ask? Well we all know someone who is abundantly "yang" right? The hot tempered of the world tend to lose their cool over the most minor irritations, often on a daily basis. Trail them for a weekend some time, and bring along your Samsung HMX-U10 HD Digital Camcorder (great for shooting home videos, especially those which are "YouTube Producer" ready), and you may just strike viral gold.

The Sexy Lady

A mega-viral smash video hit, you remember vividly I'm sure, was "Obama Girl". The best of video has nearly 17 million all time hits, and counting. The catchy nature of the spoof is a small part of the viral success no doubt, but the unquestionable attractiveness of "Obama Girl" herself gave the video's mass drawing power. When the beautiful woman can sing well too, it's pretty much a surefire viral hit in the making.

The Cute Kid

Kids are cute, let's tell it like it is folks. If your child is a ham (many are), you may already have the formula to YouTube fame sitting right beside you. If your kid likes the camera and he/she has a special talent, I suggest you get that camera rolling and let them do their thing. Don't be surprised if your child achieves stardom in a short time on the internet, and even if he or she pursues a modeling or acting career down the road.

The Movie Buff

If you are anything like me, you pride yourself in being a total movie buff! Are you a huge fan of the Star Wars Trilogy, or do you prefer Indiana Jones - The Complete Adventures Collection instead? Maybe you really dig the "Oceans Trilogy"? Well whatever your taste in movies, it is quite possible that you can turn your box office passion into profits.

Did you happen to catch the viral video featuring the Star Wars fanatic displaying his talent with the light saber? His overwhelming passion for the series has earned him 15 million views, and counting. I don't know about you, but I will put up with a little bit of teasing and ridicule for a viral smash video like this, any day of the week! This kid would probably concur with my school of thought, don't you think?

The Physical Comedian

What do the late John Ritter, the late Lucille Ball, Will Farrel, Ellen Degeneres, Conan O'Brien, Rowan Atkinson, the late Don Knotts, the late John Belushi, Chevy Chase, the late Peter Sellers, Michael Richards (Kramer), Steve Martin, the late Chris Farley, and the late Alfred Hawthorne (aka "Benny Hill") all have in common? You guessed it - they're some of the best physical comedians that ever graced the big screen.

Physical comedy is also known as "slapstick", and it appeals to a vast audience. Aspiring slapstick comedians are born every day on YouTube, and although few are as entertaining as a Steve Martin, even slightly above average slapstick talent will give you a chance to go viral in this category. Not many people are willing to attempt this kind of comedic style because it can be embarrassing and self-deprecating. It takes thick skin.

I suggest you rub some sand paper all over your body (to toughen your skin a bit) and give physical comedy a shot. If you discover that you are a natural born Larry, Curly, or Moe, then be prepared to start your own YouTube Channel because your fans will be in line waiting to see more of you!

The Shimmy-Shake

Can you dance a jig? Can you gather a large group of people together to watch you? Can you put it on tape? If you answered yes to all three of these questions, you may just be in business.

One of the very first viral videos I ever saw was the Evolution of Dance. If you watch the video a few times, it becomes quite clear that it is very simple and self-explanatory. Mashing up those different dance songs is easily accomplished, with either an iPod nano , or an external USB CD-ROM burner drive

As for the dances themselves, the guy in the video is a decent dancer but he's no pro, by any means. If you can loosen up and shake your booty a little bit, and if you can go impromptu, that's good enough to go viral in the dance category on YouTube.

Here is my suggestion to you. Mash up some various classic dance tunes like this guy did (do not use the same songs he used, whatever you do! He may have a patent on this particular song mix. The video has over 160 million hits to date, and that is very powerful stuff - this makes him powerful as hell too!) and rehearse the dance steps for a few weeks. When you feel confident enough to shoot your video for YouTube, gather your crowd of people and go for it. No matter how it turns out, upload it to the social network, title it, and describe it in complete detail. If it's going to go viral, you will know within a week.


Well, this should get your creative juices flowing. In this two-part tutorial, you have been presented with ten of the very most powerful viral video models on the planet. Some of the models can be mixed and matched as well. For instance, a killer "spin-off" of "Obama Girl" for the present time might be something like "O'Brien Chick" - Conan is pretty popular these days, no? If you know a beautiful woman who can also sing, I suggest you start planning and making some phone calls. If you don't, I will!

May viral YouTube bliss bestow upon you and yours. Cheers.

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