Friday, June 19, 2009

How To Promote Amazon Associates Program with Twitter (part 2)

In part one of this tutorial, we talked about promoting Amazon Affiliate Program with Twitter, and I helped you set up your Twitter profile so that it is optimized for both twitter search query's and Google Search. Now that you have your profile set up, let's do some altering so that your profile is one-of-a-kind.

Go to the 'Settings' tab at the top of the page and once you're there click on "Picture" and browse to a recent photo of yourself. You will want to use a real image of you, rather than something generic, because it gives off a much more warm, personal appeal to those who choose to follow your updates. If you don't have a photo of yourself, snap one real quick on your cell phone and upload it to Twitter. I mean after all, everybody has a camera phone these days, don't they?

Next, click on "Design" then go down to where it says "Change Background Image" and click on that button. Now you need a great little logo to use for your tile background image, so do another image search for something "bargains" or "deals" oriented. Something as simple as a piggy bank would work very well. Once you've found something you like, save it to your machine and then browse to it and upload it to your profile. Check the box that says "tile background" below the background you just uploaded. Then click save changes and see how it looks. If it's all good, then you're ready to roll!

Now you need to join the Amazon Associates Program, in the case that you aren't already enrolled. Once you're all set up and are approved into the program, it's time to find the content you are going to use for your "tweets". Amazon has several blogs each with rss feeds you can use with twitter. Simply subscribe to the rss feeds for these blogs, then go to this site - twitter feed.

To create an account at Twitter Feed, the best bet it to use an OpenID. If you have a account with Blogger, Yahoo!, AOL, or Google, then you're all set (I think this includes about 90% of the online market or better!). You can log in to OpenID by clicking where it says "Sign in with OpenID", then follow the instructions to either create an OpenID, or log in with your chosen OpenID credentials.

Note: You will need to be patient when using this site because it is very slow - it is likely overloaded with too many tweeter bloggers and such. Your patience will pay off big time in the long run though, I promise you that.

How To Use Amazon Daily Blog and Amazon Associates Blog with Twitter Feed

So now that you have a Twitter Feed account, you're an official Associate, and your Twitter profile is all pimped out, it's time to start tweeting!

Go to and click the link at the top right (under the toolbar) of the page which says "Amazon Daily Blog", then when you're there click on the rss icon on the right. When the page comes up, right click the url in the address bar and copy it. Go to your Twitter Feed account and paste in the rss feed for the amazon blog, title it appropriately, and allow access to your Twitter account. All set! Now, every time the blog is updated, it will be posted automatically to your new Twitter as a "tweet"! Pretty cool, huh?

If I were you, I would do the same thing with the Amazon Associates blog rss feed, and every 10 rss-tweets or so post an Amazon affiliate link on your Twitter representing a bargain or deal of the day. You may be pleasantly surprised at your earnings results over time.

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